Friday, January 15, 2021



WWF Wrestlemania 2000 (1999) In Retrospect

WWF Wrestlemania 2000 was an important game for WWF fans but it rarely gets discussed in modern times. Is it worth revisiting? With Acclaim gone, it was time for THQ to shine. From here on out,...

The WWE Universal Title Problem

At the time of writing, the Universal Title is almost four years old. In wrestling terms, this isn't long but for the Universal Championship, it feels like an eternity. Let's be honest, the title hasn't...

10 Launch Games That Were Just Awful

Launch titles are hugely important for video game consoles. They help to create early momentum while showing off the very best a new console has to offer. Sadly in some cases, it isn't so...

WWF Attitude (1999) In Retrospect

WWF Attitude signaled the end of an era for WWF video games. Is it worth revisiting? By 1999 WWF was on top of the world. No longer playing second fiddle to WCW, the company was flying...

WWF War Zone (1998) In Retrospect

Does WWF War Zone manage to capture the spirit of the insanely popular Attitude Era or is this just a jobber to the stars? 1998 was a good year for wrestling. The arrival of the Attitude...

WWE Video Games – In Retrospect (Introduction)

So I’m going to throw you a simple question, what makes a good WWE video game? It doesn’t seem like a hard question to answer and yet we’ve had...